ThirdWay launches ‘Roadmap to the New (Ab)Normal’ series in collaboration with Dr Rachel Doern


This week we launch the first episode of a 10-part series focusing on the realities of business during the 2020 pandemic in collaboration with Dr Rachel Doern, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths University College London and expert in crisis management.

Rachel joins our Founder & CEO Ben Gillam in several live-streamed conversations to help business leaders define their roadmap to the new (ab)normal.

Touching upon decision-making, planning under uncertainty, staff engagement, financial strategy, the return to work and much more, the mini-series joins the dots between academia and practical application.

Rachel & Ben draw upon personal and historical experience, address current and ongoing concerns of business leaders everywhere, and they will be answering viewers’ questions during the live broadcast.

Episode 1 – An SME’s Journey Through the Pandemic - focuses on the real-life experience of a small business during the crisis and how history and research can provide direction and understanding.


Rachel Doern specialises in how individuals, societies and communities respond to crisis and much of her research examines the cognitions, emotions and behaviours of entrepreneurs in adverse conditions. She draws on micro-sociological and psychological approaches to understanding resilience and vulnerability, and how entrepreneurs interact with different stakeholders as they develop their businesses, particularly during times of crisis.

Ben draws upon his raw and real experience of managing a business through difficult times, and how he has translated academic knowledge and research into practical steps that secure the future of the business.

Ben comments: “We are riding a wave of change in a time where much seems uncertain, but by understanding previous crises, learning lessons from history and managing our response as a result, we can adapt and navigate a path back to normality”

An SME’s Journey through The Pandemic will be broadcast live on Friday 29th May at 11 am.


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