ThirdWay launches Hybrid Working programme to support businesses coming out of lockdown


We are all currently being bombarded with speculative notions about what the future of the working environment looks like and whether we’ll be able to call lifts and make coffees with our phones and not our fingers. It can be difficult to cut through the design and technology hype to see what you need to do now to re-enter the workplace quickly and safely, and over the coming months to re-evaluate the needs of your business, because the workplace will not return to how it was just 8 weeks ago.

In the last 2 months, we have gone from a society that sometimes works at home, to one that always works from home. Social distancing, home-working and an increased confidence in the use of technology means that the landscape of the workplace has changed.

Whilst many employees are craving the office environment, they have also experienced the benefits of more time at home and have new demands around flexibility. Companies meanwhile are juggling the opportunity to reduce overheads by leasing less space in the city with the nervousness of encouraging staff away from the office.

‘Normal’ will continue to change over the next few years and we will need to be prepared to work from the office, from home or from anywhere else - based on environmental, company and employee needs. This is Hybrid Working.

Hybrid Working is the review and re-creation of space with people and businesses at the centre of the design. In an ever-changing social environment, it gives employers and employees the outcome they need to live and work successfully.

Our Hybrid Working programme consists of three steps that take a human-centric, building-centric and experience-centric approach to our clients’ immediate, short- term and long-term workplace needs.

  • The first, ‘Fit For Now’ phase, involves a raft of practical measures including social distancing marking, on-site adaptations, temporary signage and protocols, employee WFH assessments, spatial evaluations and plans, worked up over an intensive two-week period, to deliver the fast-track modifications needed for existing spaces, policies and procedures.
  • The second, ‘Fit For Tomorrow’ phase addresses more permanent adjustments including review and instalment of new furniture, technology, AV and telecommunications, and working from home assessments and solutions, to increase headcount within the workplace and support and align remote and office-based working.

  • The third, ‘Fit For Future’ phase of the journey involves a full building and cost evaluation, a people-centric building brief, based on an evaluation of Hybrid Working to date, with the potential for relocation, refurbishment or the introduction of satellite workspaces, helping businesses to reduce property costs and increase productivity for the long-term.

We are drawing on all areas of our design thinking and expertise, engaging multiple ThirdWay disciplines including our workplace consultancy, office design, architecture and furniture teams who’ll take a holistic view of our clients’ businesses, people, policies and procedures.

You can read more about Hybrid Working in our downloadable PDF or speak to our team at or 020 7846 0686.

Download Hybrid Working PDF

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