The Importance of Good Office Design


2015 has seen an increased focus on office design and the ways in which your working environment can affect your business’ performance.

Good office design can essentially support, as well as enhance your company in many ways. Therefore, it is a key element towards the success of your business.

It is worthwhile to think about it in this way: A significant number of hours are spent within the workplace, especially for the average worker today. Therefore, it is fundamental that the surroundings are not only fit for purpose and support your employees needs but that it is also a comfortable, visually appealing and welcoming environment.

Developing and designing your workspace can be quite a daunting process which requires a lot of thought and consideration, in order to ensure you are getting the very best for your business. It is therefore highly recommended that you seek support and guidance from a design and build company, with in-house, qualified designers to assist you throughout the entire process.

Below are three key benefits highlighting the importance of good office design:

1. Employee Morale and Productivity.

A well designed and thought out space can increase your employee morale and wellbeing by providing them with various working areas, as well as downtime spaces, where they can relax and interact with one another. Many big and small companies are now investing their time and money into supporting their employees needs, which in turn will increase their productivity levels.

2. Business performance:

For companies where business performance is very much reliant upon employee output, good office design is essential. A happy and satisfied team leads to an increase in productivity levels and therefore a boost in business performance.  Your business may be successful as it is, but a good office design has the ability to transform a tired and gloomy office into a motivated and inspirational one – which will eventually reflect positively on the overall business performance.

3. Brand and Culture

Office design is also important for enhancing your business brand and core values. It should reflect the nature of the business you run, and therefore support all of your departmental needs.  It is likely that alongside your staff you will also have clients and business partners visiting your office frequently, making it even more important that your space is visually appealing and inviting.  This is also a great opportunity to reinforce your uniqueness and individual approach.

If you are considering an office fit out but have no idea where to begin, then ThirdWay Interiors have a great team who can come and review your space and advise you based on your business culture, requirements, future plans and budget.  Get in touch today to find out more about how we could help you.

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