Seven Simple Design Tips


Good office design can essentially support, as well as enhance your company in many ways. Therefore, it is a key element towards the success of your business.

Below are seven simple office design tips for creating a well designed and supportive working environment:


Your brand essentially supports and reflects your company’s values. Therefore office design is a key way for reinforcing and enhancing your company brand by showcasing what makes you unique and stand out.

simple design tips

Break Out Areas:

With the significant amount of hours people spend in their work place today, it is vital that your office design provides break out areas, so your employees have somewhere to go for down-time away from their  desks. It is also a great way of encouraging employee interaction and morale.

simple design tips

Flexible Working Areas:

Flexible working spaces are essential for supporting your employees individual working needs. It provides them with numerous working environments, which in turn improves productivity and encourages employee interaction.

simple design tips


Various studies have identified the different influences that colours can have on our behaviour. For example, yellow is associated with improving well-being and productivity levels. Therefore it is a useful tip for bringing the best out of your staff.

simple design tips


There is nothing worse than an over crowded office – especially with the amount of time spent there. People need their space in order to function and get things done.

simple design tips

Quiet Areas:

Similar to break out areas, quiet areas are key for providing employees with an area for down-time away form there desks. They are also essential for giving employees spaces to go without any distractions, where they can get their heads down when necessary. With todays open plan environments these areas can be a vital part of a working day.

simple design tips


Plenty of light not only improves employee well-being by reducing eyestrains and headaches but it is also a great tip for modernising your work space. Light and space come hand in hand, therefore every office should demonstrate both of these for your employees general well-being.

simple design tips

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