Hybrid yoga: the future of workplace wellbeing?


It’s no secret that workplace wellbeing has always been a core part of ThirdWay. Pre-pandemic, employees would rock up to a free breakfast on a Monday, overcome hump day and bond with the team over Wednesday lunches and even have the option to unwind with weekly yoga or HIIT sessions held in the office. Whilst Covid-19 restrictions have forced us to put some of our wellness benefits on hold, Emily Harding, Yoga teacher and Founder of wellbeing agency The Yeh Yoga Co, has been exploring innovative ways to modify workplace yoga classes to meet the needs of the current-day office to home ratio and giving employers opportunity to look after the mental and physical health of their team in return.


The new normal, as we know it, has presented companies with the challenge of keeping teams connected without everyone being present in the office together. Hybrid yoga by The Yeh Yoga Co involves running a doubled-up class with an experienced instructor hosting in the office to staff who are present, in addition to setting up technology to live-stream the session to any staff working from home. Certainly a win-win for all.


"With the pandemic really having done a number on us, leaving us with frazzled nervous systems, hunched over backs and tension headaches, yoga offers a whole host of amazing benefits to help not only improve individual health and wellbeing but that of the whole office as a community.  Yoga offers us a chance to learn how to breathe properly again and find calm, clarity and way better focus during our working day, which ultimately improves our work output, as we are able to think straight and focus on each task at hand.  It can have surprising instant health benefits - many of your midday headaches may be caused by something called email apnoea, something which affects 80% of office workers, but can be fixed with proper breathing and increased awareness, all helped by yoga!

Yoga (whether the traditional style done on a mat or our super accessible 'Desk Yoga') also helps staff to create happiness hormones and feel lighter, feel connected to one another through synchronised movement, a sense of community belonging and a chance to re-energise - so you don't have to ride the caffeine rollercoaster of highs and crashes!" - Emily Harding, Founder of The Yeh Yoga Co.


We're looking forward to giving the team the opportunity to dust off their down dogs and de-stress at the end of a busy day by kickstarting yoga at ThirdWay once again. There's no better time like the present but even better considering that it's Workplace Wellbeing Week. If you’re interested in boosting the morale of your team and supporting their health in the process - get in touch with Yeh Yoga to see how you might be able to introduce hybrid yoga sessions to your workplace.

The Yeh Yoga Co.

IG: @theyehyogaco

Offering classes in-office in London & UK, and streaming high-quality live classes to companies around the world in any time zone.

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