Portland Estates plc

Client: Great Portland Estates plc
Size: 3,977
Location: Clerkenwell
Client: Great Portland Estates plc
Size: 3,977
Location: Clerkenwell

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Great Portland Estates are a property investment and development company that create in-demand and current spaces that businesses seek to be part of. Having completed three projects for GPE, all in the same building, ThirdWay were brought in for this CAT A+ and CAT B project.

Due to the fact that the space would be leased short-term to tenants, it was important for ThirdWay to factor in a “plug-in and play” design. With this also in mind, the colour scheme primarily consisted of a neutral pallet to enable the design to be “current” yet still allow space for tenants to come in and make their own.

An open-plan and communal kitchen was installed, providing future tenants with a sociable staff breakout area. Tribe provided all of the furniture for the project which was of superior quality to ensure items would last through series’ of short-term leases.   


Key features: “living” moss walls, Crittle glazing, bolon flooring throughout the space, open-plan communal kitchen. 


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