ThirdWay Launches Charity Venture, Thirdway Trust


ThirdWay has launched its own charity venture, Thirdway Trust, joining forces with aid organization Toilet Twinning in a bid to tackle poverty overseas.

The Trust's support will help fund the construction of household toilets, as well as helping to provide clean water and hygiene education, in remote and hard-to-reach communities in Africa, Asia and Central America.

Toilet Twinning invites people to ‘twin’ their toilets at home or work with a latrine overseas – and in doing so sponsor the build of a toilet in one of the world’s poorest communities. Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Malawi are just a few examples of where the charity has enabled and equipped people to find solutions to the issues that keep them trapped in poverty. 

ThirdWay Trust has already ‘twinned’ its own staff toilets and kickstarted the campaign by funding twinned toilets for 50 of their most recent clients. All clients are now being encouraged to support the campaign.

International law firm, Wikborg Rein, whose new premises on Cannon Street have been designed by Thirdway Interiors have just twinned three of their new WCs. Managing Partner, Chris Grieveson says “This is a great initiative by ThirdWay to help to improve poverty by creating environments where education and knowledge can be shared.  We are privileged and delighted to be involved.”  

So far this year 166 toilets have been twinned and ThirdWay’s aim is to reach a total of 500 twinned toilets by the end of the year. 

Ben Gillam, Founder of The ThirdWay Group says: “At ThirdWay we believe in people; we have an inclusive culture that allows everyone to feel valued and safe and we extend that ethos beyond our own community. Partnering with Toilet Twinning means a lot to us; we are helping to reduce the number of lives lost across the globe to preventable diseases linked to dirty water and unsafe toilets.”

One in three people on the planet still lack a safe, clean toilet. It’s estimated that almost 892 million people worldwide still have to squat in the open, and 844 million people don't yet have access to clean water.

Toilet Twinning’s CEO, Lorraine Kingsley is hugely grateful for ThirdWay’s support, she says, “In the UK, we like a bit of toilet humour which is perhaps why people find our campaign quirky and appealing. But it’s sobering to think that a third of the world’s population lacks something as basic as a loo. Without that, people fall ill, can’t work, can’t earn, and women and girls are especially vulnerable to attack. Having a toilet enables a family to take a first big step out of poverty so ThirdWay’s support will most definitely save lives and change communities forever.’


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