The Informal Workplace – Good or Bad?


Today the workplace is all about flexibility and collaboration. Employers want to create an environment which not only boosts productivity but also promotes employee interaction and innovation.

The question on every body’s lips is: ‘How is this possible?’

This explains why a lot of companies are hesitant to embrace these new trends when considering an office revamp.


The open – plan design certainly encourages collaboration, however it is also accused of impeding productivity.


Increasingly people are beginning to question the benefits of the open-plan layout due to the constant noise and distractions. Moreover employees are also complaining about the lack of privacy to get work done.


So how can two opposing concepts be brought together and work?

The answer – Space.

It is because of this that office design has seen a large shift over the years to focus on how space is used and the impact this has on our working needs – both individually and as a team.

Good office design is about creating a workplace where employees want to be which in turn will increase their productivity levels. Today’s challenge for designers is to create an appropriate balance of space – which takes into account a degree of flexibility, enclosure and culture.

This will therefore provide employees with areas for down time, team work, interaction and privacy.

By following these simple design tips your office will support all of your employees needs in order to increase productivity, as well as create an innovative and collaborative office environment.

Here is a working example of Nexmos office:

The Informal Workplace

Nexmo are an innovative company who provide communication APIs to companies such as Airbnb, that bridge traditional voice and text services with cloud communications.

They needed an office space that could continue to support their growth for the next 3 to 5 years. In 6,700 square foot we installed desk space for 85 people, as well as a boardroom and two meeting rooms.

The Informal Workplace

The brief was to create a quirky and playful office with eclectic features, including the installation of four phone booths, a ping-pong table and a bleacher area for the team to give presentations. The emphasis was on creating unique collaborative working areas for the team to relax and work productively. This was achieved through the creation of the café and lounge areas as well as the inclusion of booths. The office embraces industrial elements such as exposed concrete, a timber cladded wall and a chalkboard wall to add that unique feel.

The Informal Workplace

The Informal Workplace

The Informal Workplace

The Informal Workplace

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