Integrating your brand into your workplace


Branding is an essential part of any company, helping to define personality and purpose and evoking a physical and emotional relationship with those who encounter it. No longer simply a consideration of logo and letterhead, a contemporary business demands that brand is considered as an experience. A workspace that integrates brand into its design aesthetic and function not only allows its owner to communicate its company philosophy effectively to visitors but also to influence employee behaviours and even to attract and retain talent. Taking prospective and existing employees and clients on a journey that wholly reflects your company is something that’s more important than ever before.

In the context of workplace design, branding doesn’t simply end once your name has been hung above the reception desk; it is reflected in the choice of materials you use, the details in artwork installations, the feeling people get as they arrive in the space. It is those touches that will tune into people’s subconscious and convey invaluable messages or help instill a desired culture.

At ThirdWay, both our design and creative teams collaborate with our clients’ brand and marketing teams to ensure that their identity can be best reflected within our design and build proposals. In some cases, both teams work together, through a series of workshops, to develop the brand and offer an appropriate solution that will fit both their purpose and budget. Often, our clients come to us because they seek a change in culture as well as in décor.

"Sometimes clients want to have a ‘wow’ factor, often in the entrance or reception that really says something about who they are or what makes them different. Whether that’s a wall of graffiti or a bespoke piece of joinery that we design for them, it’s there to make an impact. On other occasions the objective is to subtly inject the company’s culture and values into the space with the aim of boosting employee engagement, productivity and satisfaction.” – Sarah Bewers, Designer.

Revolut London office fit-out

One of our most recent clients, leading FinTech company, Revolut, was already undergoing a re-brand when they approached us for their office design. It became quite clear from talking to people in various positions in the company that there was a ‘feel’ to their culture that they identified with and that we had to quickly grasp and translate. They also shared a passion for innovation which we were keen to reflect in a show-stopping installation in one of their main breakout spaces. What we ended up with was a rich and atmospheric workspace with a stunning wall feature - a powerful message displayed by insetting neon lights within concrete letters. These are mounted on a backdrop of individually sourced newspaper articles about people, throughout history, who have challenged the status quo.

Similarly, when designing for Fever Tree earlier in the year, it was critical that we had a comprehensive understanding of their core values. As a company committed to producing a completely natural product, it was important that their respect for nature and sustainability was reflected in the design, materials and even the choice of indoor planting.

Fever Tree office fit-out

Brand Integration isn’t just something that we work closely with our clients on; it’s something we are passionate about ourselves, proven through the evolution of the ThirdWay brand which has come a long way since its inception 9 years ago and its very simple text logo. Through regular review and adaptation, we have built a personality for the business that is a true representation of the passion, values and ethics of the people that work here.  

The wolf that now fronts our identity, accompanied by Kipling’s famous motto “the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack” celebrates both the individual and collective talent of the workforce at ThirdWay, the sense of family despite our growing numbers, and the strength of the wider ThirdWay Group as a family of independent businesses.

The process we have gone through to understand what we’ve built since 2009 and what makes ThirdWay what it is, is the same process of discovery and exploration that we now execute with our own clients.

As businesses become more aware of the importance that the role of workplace design plays in branding, we too ensure that this is a key consideration from the outset of any project. If your business is under-going a re-design and you’re wondering how to incorporate your branding into the space to best effect, the most fundamental thing is to begin the process as early as possible. Your design team needs to understand your beliefs, goals and how your business operates culturally to ensure that the new space is designed to promote these ideals in the best way possible.

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