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In the first in a series of insights into the business, Marketing Manager, Vicky Kingsnorth, takes the floor to describe her first few months at ThirdWay.

“When ThirdWay offered me a job a few months ago I was both nervous and excited; a good thing, I am told, as it means ‘it matters’.

‘It matters’ has also been the running theme of my ThirdWay journey so far. I’ve never worked in an environment where every single person within the business, without exception, is so committed to their role and all that it encumbers because they know that what they do counts. Even the little things (perhaps especially the little things!) make a difference and everyone knows it.

I joined in February and it was the most intimidating induction period I have ever experienced. Not because anybody was unwelcoming; in fact, quite the opposite. Everyone is so enthusiastic and engaged, and so good at what they do that I was struck with a bout of Imposter Syndrome wondering how on Earth I could ever do my job as well as these people did theirs. Luckily, three months in, I’ve realised that ThirdWay hire people both on merit and spirit and that I fit the bill on both counts.

Culture is as important as skillset here and the team spirit is tangible on a daily if not hourly basis. Colleagues soon become friends – real, genuine friends – with a serious wolf pack mentality like I’ve never experienced before. It sounds like a gimmick but it really is something special. As Rudyard Kipling famously wrote, and ThirdWay frequently refashion: the strength of the wolf is in the pack.

Having not had any dedicated marketing resource at ThirdWay before, I have had the task of developing ThirdWay’s first strategic marketing plan and now executing it. This includes all sorts from managing website content, social media, events, PR, photography, copywriting, market research, brand experience, internal and external communications and more. It’s a busy, varied role which is why I love it. Because I’m the first person to take on marketing responsibilities I have the opportunity to make a real difference.

Though it’s an autonomous role, it’s important that I work closely with all departments within the business - keeping my finger on the pulse, especially as we’re growing so quickly. ThirdWay’s rapid growth is both exciting and challenging: new team members (and indeed entirely new divisions!) are onboarded all the time so that we can add more strings to our bow. My role covers the whole Thirdway Group which definitely keeps me on my toes.

My three favourite things about ThirdWay?

-    The first is the innovative approach to just about everything. Everyone is encouraged to think outside the box whether you're an interior designer or a telemarketer. We're not afraid to try new things and do thinks differently. Clients come to us for this progressive mentality as much as they do for creative design, dependable service and complete transparency.

-    My second favourite thing is a testament to the aforementioned mindset. We are no ordinary design & build firm. The business continues to grow because we have ventured into new areas of expertise and seized opportunity. As such we have now have an in-house architecture practice, furniture solutions business, real estate company, traditional 'contracts' division and offer technology solutions. We can offer an end to end service that, as far as I'm aware, no other d&b business can. So many clients are now utilising the full ThirdWay Group at every level, from property investment, through architecture, interior design, furniture and technology.

-    The third, of course, has to be the people. Not just those that work here but also our clients and associates which are at the heart of what we do. "Millennials" get a lot of bad press for being lazy, entitled job-hoppers but from what I have seen at ThirdWay (a company whose personnel are 90% 'millennial', and whose list of clients also consists of similar young, vibrant teams) our generation is as hardworking and hungry as any that came before us. You only have to drop into one of our weekly team meetings so see how driven and dedicated everybody is. ThirdWay staff have a reputation for playing hard but they certainly work hard too!

Three things I've learned since joining ThirdWay...

-    The commercial real estate sector is actually really interesting. I am by no means an expert yet but have learnt so much in the past few months.

-    When pushed out of my comfort zone, I am capable of imparting an engaging presentation to an audience of 100+ people. Not something I’m keen to do too regularly (it’s terrifying!) but at least I know I can do it

-     Always have carbs for lunch on a Thursday because the bar opens at 4pm and I’m not as young as the rest of the team!!”

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