Inside ThirdWay: Client Services


In the second of our ‘Inside..’ series, Client Services Manager Abi Munslow shares her experiences of ThirdWay.

“I started here about seven months ago as Client Services Manager – a role I was told I could make my own and I definitely have. I’ve worked in similar positions before but the great thing about this one is that the business has grown organically even in the short time that I’ve been here, and, in turn, I’ve been able to develop with it.

In a nutshell my job is to look after our existing clients. Any changes or additions to be made to their office space, whether it’s replacing a lightbulb or demolishing a meeting room, I’m your girl!

On a typical day, I spend a couple of hours in the office, costing projects, responding to enquiries, updating data. Then I will spend a few hours on site, meeting with sub-contractors and clients and checking jobs are on track. My role is hugely about plate spinning, managing, on average, 50 projects at once. It’s a challenge - I need to be able to adapt quickly depending on what the client’s needs are - but I love it.

When I started, I was predominantly managing very small jobs – painting, replacing carpet tiles, adding TV brackets etc - but more recently the department has been receiving very large enquiries. Each day bigger jobs and opportunities come through the door which is exciting. Many of these take two or three weeks on site and involve significant building amendments.

My largest project had to be undertaken in two different phases, totalling four weeks on site. It was the most complex job I’ve had, involved multiple contractors, and we managed to get it complete come rain, snow or shine (there was a lot of snow in phase one when the outdoor works were underway!). The client was very happy with the outcome, as was I.

It’s exciting when a client, for whom we originally designed an office, outgrows their space and then needs to adapt to accommodate a larger team. It’s nice to be a spectator to their success story and to play a part in their next evolution by making sure their office is one in which they will continue to prosper.

My favourite project is definitely The App Business. They wanted a re-vamp of all three floors so it was lot of work with much of the focus being on the finer design details.

I enjoy the variety in what I do. I love meeting clients, seeing their beautiful workplaces and discussing ways in which I can help. I love seeing projects come to completion and knowing that my clients are happy with the result.

I work closely with the project managers and have the support of the wider ThirdWay team. The culture within Thirdway is amazing and is what sets us apart from others in the industry in my opinion; everyone works so hard together yet has fun along the way. We all want to be here.

My personal highlight would have to be winning the award in the team meeting a month or so ago. It’s lovely to know that all the hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Three important things I’ve learned since working here?

  • Phone calls are always better than emails and texts!
  • Clarify everything
  • Don’t ever shy away from something you’re intimidated by – just do it!
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