7 ways to attract staff and keep them


1. Wellbeing

Mental health is a hot topic amongst friends, organisations and government bodies. A focus on wellbeing within the workplace is more commonplace than ever and, in-turn, has proven to significantly boost employee productivity. Say hello to a happier, healthier and more efficient workforce in mind, body and spirit by offering lifestyle benefits such as discounted gym memberships, mental health support, discounts with healthy food retailers, breakout areas and relaxing space, and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

2. Company culture

Culture is something that is very close to our hearts and certainly something that shouldn’t be put into place one day and then forgotten about. Great company culture should always be a work in progress and should constantly develop and encourage a positive and inspirational environment for your employees. One of the most important things in life is our connection with others. Real relationships both in and out of work can be encouraged by creating environments that allow people to be themselves. Organising team-building events and taking the time to celebrate successes together are key to nurturing authentic friendships and a strong team culture. As we like to say “The strength of the wolf is the pack”.

3. Agile/flexible working policies

With many businesses choosing to operate in an open-minded and adaptable manner, agile working is slowly becoming a fundamental part of modern working culture. Flexible working can include things such as ad-hoc coffee breaks, working from home or simply taking your laptop off to a comfy spot to take an all-important mental break from your desk. Flexible working has been proven to increase productivity and the autonomy builds essential trust between employees and employers.

4. Sense of purpose

Having career development opportunities available is a primary reason for employees to stay fulfilled and loyal to a company for a number of years. Millennials know what they want now more than ever which means that financial remuneration simply isn’t enough on its own. Employing staff who share the same core values as you and your business is a sure-fire way to build a team of people that love what they do. Recognition and reward thereafter will contribute to keeping employees motivated and satisfied.    

5. Workplace Design

The modern-day workplace should factor in a design that will provide employees with the ability to retreat as well as connect. Choice is key. A mix of open and enclosed spaces as well as soft seating areas, meeting and break rooms are all features that should be considered when designing a workplace that your employees will love. Natural light, art and even plants should be a consideration through the design phase and not an afterthought. Numerous studies have shown that biophiliic design (bringing the outdoors in) can increase productivity and creativity, and improve morale and workplace wellness.

6. Benefits

Providing added benefits for employees will not only help to maximise productivity within the workplace but also increase the appeal of your company to talented jobseekers. Benefits prove not only that your company is stable but also that you believe in it enough to invest in your team. At ThirdWay, employees can expect benefits such as free meals, free fruit, on-site exercise classes, access to other employee-led social societies, private healthcare, monthly massages, an annual team-building holiday, exclusive retailer discounts, access to mental health care and much more!

7. Authenticity

Many team members at ThirdWay have started in a certain position and ended up slipping into a different role as a result of following their natural strengths and passions. Allowing people to find their feet and encouraging employees to pursue their personal ambitions is something that should be encouraged as it means a happier team that are more effective, efficient and motivated. What could be more beneficial to a business than having a team of individuals who love what they do, and who are driven by their personal ambitions while striving to achieve the team's collective goals?

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